Electrobel : Anatomy of Break :

our net-label is proud to make you a present, a freshly new compilation extracted from our database :
Electrobel : Anatomy of Break . The order of the day : Grime, dubstep, breakbeat, jungle and drum n'bass.

This compilation is the result of a choice made among more than 5000 tracks from our team, we decided to keep the "FATEST" tracks ! So, pump up the volume ! It's fat and heavy and it's a gift from electrobel and all the artists !


02-Omelette-Du bruit
03-DegiHeugi-The beat of the shit
04-ZeBrokenEgg-Active Agents
05-Bouwakanja-Bombardement Beat
06-Teonanacatl-Kitchy Squary
07-Schev-Have a Break
08-Toundo-feat. Lab Sèm pas
09-LeBelgelectrod-What ?
10-Neilicis-Now U gonna pay
11-Hybrid-African Grime
12-Phollox-Shadow over Tibet
13-Badweed-Come fly with me
14-Syndrom-Old Time Feelings
18-Harry Poppins-Jungle Massive

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